Why Choose Inscape

Inscape’s Vision

Inscape’s vision is to run a company that is dedicated to enhancing people’s environments by providing refreshing and positive workspaces with interior plant design, which are healthy and great for everyone’s wellbeing. We believe in employing excellent staff and encouraging employee development. It is important that staff enjoy what they do and work together as a team to come up with creative ideas and solutions. We always listen to our clients and follow through with actions, rather than just words. This reflects Inscape’s passion for delivering an excellent indoor plant hire service to every client.

Inscape’s Mission

Inscape’s mission is to ensure that their clients indoor plants are fresh, vibrant and inspiring and that their indoor environment quality is clean and healthy, increasing people’s wellbeing. Inscape are committed to remaining New Zealand’s leading indoor plant hire company by keeping up at the forefront of new interior plant design ideas and by providing excellent indoor plant hire service through knowledgeable, trained staff who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the health and wellbeing of people across the country.

A few ways Inscape makes a difference include:

  • Using certified fertilisers, soil, compost and pre-emergent weed-killers
  • Composting all organic material
  • Using biological controls for pest management
  • Recycling paper products and corrugated cardboard
  • Having irrigation specialists for upgrading your irrigation systems to save on water
  • Their indoor plants use sub-irrigation systems where possible for water conservation
  • They do not use synthetic pesticides

Environmental Policy

Inscape have set it as our task to improve people’s health and indoor environment quality through indoor plants. We believe it is important to comply with all legislation and standards in relation to the environment, if not exceed these standards. Furthermore, we encourage our employees to take all practical steps to eliminate or minimise waste and the use of hazardous materials. Some ways we do this includes:

  • Non use of pollutants
  • Use of material that has the least environmental impact
  • Minimise energy and water usage, while promoting practices that recycle resources
  • Operate vehicles with regard to environmental issues, such as workers sharing vehicles when possible and using fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Assess the environmental impact of any new processes or products that are intended to be introduced
  • Actively contribute to their employees awareness of environmental issues