Scope of work

Our qualified Landscape Architect and Architectural Designer collaborate with our clients to provide stunning design concepts for hire plants Auckland that focus on design excellence and placemaking.

Our scope of design work includes: on-site assessment, concept drawings, working drawings, photoshop and CAD programmes, image developing, and 3D modelling. We can work with you from the initial concept right through to implementation. Our design process is as follows:

  • liaise with clients to establish a brief and design concept
  • calculate a budget outline
  • identify priority areas
  • refine the brief
  • develop and co-ordinate the implementation schedule

What we can offer

We are able to offer a professional service with integrity and confidentiality, coupled with a sense of innate creativity. Our design service combines this instinctual response with an innovative and analytical approach in the form of a comprehensive logistics plan, including a time-line for project completion as well as a budget.

More about design

Our Landscape Architect and Architectural Designer offer a design consultancy where creative thinking is used and experience and understanding applied, to generate places that have been tailored to our clients’ individual needs. Adding inspiration and magic to logic results in environments in which our clients can linger, eat, gather and enjoy.

We are here to listen, think and imagine. Trust in us to generate insightful and innovative designs which demonstrate our understanding of your requirements. Through design processes, design software and knowledge sharing we are to create designs with clarity and quality, resulting in a satisfying environment you will engage with.

We take pleasure in cultivating a close understanding with our clients, making certain that we are aware of their needs and perceptions. Ensuring we communicate well with our clients concludes in an effective consultation, instigating designs that are both innovative and striking. Experience how we can improve the quality and richness of your environment with our creative design process, where assumptions are challenged and design integrity is balanced with pragmatism to produce a clear and common vision between us and you, the client.

To turn your environment into a meaningful space that you feel connected to with hire plants Auckland, contact Courtney Furniss for your obligation-free consultation.