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With many new buildings embracing environmentally friendly elements, it is important to make sure that not only the structure has a low environmental impact but that the spaces where the occupants work and live also incorporate a clean, green philosophy.

Inscape has been involved with many of New Zealand’s highest Green Star rated buildings, supplying easy care, low environmental impact plantscapes incorporating green interior design.

A successful green interior design involves many elements including:

  • Selecting plants that will enhance the environment and thrive in the available light.
  • Where required, using plants that are more efficient in producing a healthy atmosphere.
  • Using pots and planters that are attractive, environmentally friendly and appropriately sized.
  • Employing a company that has good environmental policies.

One of inscape’s recent installations is at the Christchurch City Council’s 6 Green Star Rated Civic Building, completed by our Christchurch plant hire branch.
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Scientific studies by National Interior Plantscape  Association of Australia (NIPA) has shown a reduction in levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) when plants are introduced into a building.

VOC’s are airborne chemicals found in inks, plastics, paints, cleaners and many other commonly used products. Excess exposure can lead to headaches, tiredness, allergies and hypersensitivity. The study showed that both plants and the soil microcosm worked together to filter and trap VOC’s. The effects were most noticeable in buildings with poor ventilation.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels were also reduced due to the natural photosynthesis of plants.

The study also took into account the psychological benefits of having plants in an interior setting. Testing showed clear reductions in feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue, confusion and overall negativity among
participants by 30 – 60%. Just one plant was enough to make a difference.

The study showed some plants were better than others in their effect on the environment.

With our green interior design experience, we can assess the requirements of your environment and recommend the right plants for each location.

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