Indoor Plant Hire Products

Inscape has a lot to offer as an indoor plant hire company. Inscape has access to a wide range of indoor plants, ensuring that there is always something suitable to meet your interior plant design requirements. Whether it be a plant for a space with no natural light source or a vibrant plant that will reflect your company’s corporate colours.

Inscape have an extensive range of indoor planters to choose from, which they have sourced from Italy. Inscape have sole importing rights to these planters and they are therefore able to offer something that is very unique to their clients. Inscape’s planters are not only gorgeous and contemporary but they are also non-toxic and made from recycled material, making them an excellent choice for any job, especially for Green Star projects.

To finish off the look of your plant and planters inscape have a vast range of different pebbles and other toppings to choose from. These cover up the soil of the plant to give the plant a tidy and professional look, making them appropriate for all interior settings. If your interior plant design is for a Green Star project inscape are able to provide you with a choice of toppings from locally sourced materials, ensuring that your design is as sustainable as possible.