Vertical Garden

This system of green wall has been designed by Joost Bakker and aims to combine contemporary concepts with an environmental spin. The vertical garden will create a sense of culture in the workplace, which in turn will increase worker performance, a win-win situation for both employers and employees.

If limited space is an issue than this is the solution for you. This vertical green wall by Schiavello has maximum effect in minimum space. It is designed to support a large number of potted plants, which are arranged in a grid system to be displayed as either a freestanding wall or a column.

A vertical garden will speak volumes about your business and show that are not only daring but also in touch with the continually evolving fashion and environmental trends circling the globe. This living sculpture can become a fantastic focal point in any space, from corporate and hospitality, to retail and residential environments.

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2000mm H x 200mm W

2500mm H x 225mm W

3000mm H x 250mm W


1000mm H x 1000mm W

2000mm H x 1000mm W

3000mm H x 1000mm W