Office Plants Cost Justification


Indoor plant hire, no matter the number of plants, is easily affordable. Below we have provided three different methods to justify the cost of indoor plant services, they are based on:

1.  productivity gains
2.  reduced sick leave
3.  owning 11 plants

Remember its all about improving employee performance by motivating your staff and providing them with a healthy workplace.
Plants are important

Indoor plants make a vital difference to workers. This has been confirmed in many studies throughout the world. Check out Why Use Plants and Case Studies to learn more.
Method 1 Cost Justification Based on Productivity Gains

Lohr VI et al., 1996, Interior plants may improve worker productivity by 12% and reduce stress in a windowless environment, Environ. Hort., 14:2, 97-100.

Download the spreadsheet and punch in your own figures.

Method 2 Cost Justification Based on Reduced Sick Leave

Field and colleagues (1998, 2002) found that staff sick leave was reduced by over 60% when indoor plants were installed.

Download the spreadsheet and punch in your own figures.

Method 3 Cost Justification Based on Owning 11 Plants

Use this spreadsheet to understand how your company will save money by hiring, opposed to buying, your indoor plants. Savings will be made because indoor plant hire companies:

  •   will service your plants instead of your staff, who can remain focused on important company goals
  •   can purchase plants and planters at wholesale prices, allowing them to pass cost-savings on to you
  •   will save your company time with a well organised management plan

Download the spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets courtesy IEQ Indoor Plants Brisbane.


Money can be saved with a lot less trouble by outsourcing when it comes to indoor plants. In an office of 10 staff productivity gains of $60,000 are achieved.